Book Blogger Spotlight: Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf

We’re excited to bring you our September Book Blogger Spotlight! This is where we chat with one of our bloggers, ask them to share some of their favorite authors, the books they can’t live without, and find out how they came to book blogging.

This month, we bring you our chat with the lovely Lucy from Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf. You can follow her on Twitter @MoonlightGleams.

Lucy: Before getting into the interview, I would like to thank the wonderful people at Simon & Schuster for extending this wonderful opportunity to me. If I could, I would give you all a group hug! *virtual group hug!*

Let’s get started!

 What made you want to start a book blog?

Reading has always been a passion of mine and is a big part of who I am.

Prior to blogging, I was reviewing books on my Indigo Community page for quite a few years. This was a great start for me, however, I was wanting for a more personal way to review novels and connect with other book lovers around the world.

With the encouragement and support of the great friendships I acquired within the blogging community, I was finally brave enough to pursue my desire of creating my very own book blog.

I created Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf on November 28th, 2010, nearly two years ago, and I feel fortunate to be part of a wonderful community that welcomed me with wide open arms.

What’s your favourite reading spot?

My favorite reading spot at the moment is at the corner of my room, right by my bookshelves. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by books while reading?

 Your favourite book in the last year?

There were so many titles that I really enjoyed over the last year! I can’t seem to pick only one, so I’d like to share my top four picks if you don’t mind!

–      Triangles by Ellen Hopkins
–       Unraveling Isobel by Eileen Cook
–       Lucy In The Sky by Anonymous
–       The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Favourite book of all time?

Go Ask Alice is definitely my favorite book of all time. It’s an emotional read that addresses strong subject matters and will change the reader’s perspective on life. I’ve read it four times over the years and I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone that hasn’t read it yet.

Favourite author? 

Kelley Armstrong and Cassandra Clare are my favorite authors within the paranormal genre for both Adult and YA Fiction. Ellen Hopkins is also tied in at first place as I really enjoy her prose poetry writing style and how she incorporates relatable characters and important everyday issues within her novels.

Favourite movie adaptation of a book?

What immediately comes to mind is a classic called To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee. It’s a great movie and an even better novel that I believe everyone should read.

I also really enjoyed movie adaptations of Gone With The Wind, Little Women, and Wuthering Heights. My most recent movie releases that are among my favorites include Shutter Island, The Timetraveler’s Wife, My Sister’s Keeper, The Lovely Bones, and The Golden Compass.

 What do you do when you’re not working on your blog?

I’m currently a full-time university student at Concordia University in Montreal, at which I’m pursuing a Chartered Accountancy designation. I also work part-time in retail and as a marker for one of my professors.

My other hobbies, apart reading, include creating natural mineral eyeshadows, photography, and coin collecting, just to name a few.

Do you seek reader engagement on your blog? If so, how does this affect your ideas about books and authors?

Connecting with my readers is very important to me as I believe in developing great relationships with them.

While keeping in mind that my readers include people of all ages, other bloggers, and authors, I do my best to create and share quality posts that will interest them all. That being said, honesty is my top priority when I’m creating my posts and typing up my reviews.

I am really fortunate to have acquired such a great follower base in so little time. My readers are very supportive and frequently give me great feedback by commenting on my reviews, and sending me private messages.

I can also say with confidence that many of the friendships I’ve acquired throughout the last two years of blogging will last for years to come.

Do you read other blogs? Which ones?

There are quite a few blogs that I’ve subscribed to and I wish that I could list them all; however, I’ll list some of those that I visit most often:

Tynga’s Reviews

Rabid Reads


Books of Love

Cindy’s Love Of Books

Lost at Midnight Reviews

Midnight Bloom Reads


Parajunkee’s View

Kristina’s World of Books

Dazzling Reads

Once upon a quote …

How has your blog developed or changed since you first started?

With the exception of the appearance of my blog, I’m always looking to improve my reviews and step out of my comfort zone.

I have also recently recruited a co-blogger, Crimson! She’s awesome and I couldn’t have asked a better person to take on the task. I’ve created an About Us page so that my readers can learn more about her and I.
Ways to contact Lucy:

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  1. Great interview Lucy! It’s always nice to get to know the blogger behind the blog! I’m completely blown away by your ability to juggle Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf, school and work! And by that awesome book shelf! 😉 Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!

  2. Congratulations Lucy on being invited to be on the book blogger spotlight! Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!

  3. Lucy I am so happy you get to be showcased. You are an awesome blogger and friend and I am blessed to know you. I love your bookcases they are so clean and neat 🙂

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