Arnold Caption Contest: Junior

Update: Thanks to everyone who participated. This contest is now closed.

Congratulations @NeedNewSpace on winning a copy of Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s memoir Total Recall hits stores October 1st. Get your copy now!

From bodybuilder to actor to politician. We’re celebrating the extraordinary life of chameleon Arnold Schwarzenegger and the upcoming release of his memoir Total Recall with a caption contest.

Submit your best caption (in 30 words or less) for the photo below as a comment and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Total Recall! A winner will be selected and announced this FridayCanadian addresses only please.

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24 thoughts on “Arnold Caption Contest: Junior

  1. Arnold: *smile* I think it’s boy
    DeVito: I think the facehugger eggs are starting to hatch
    Arnold: aww my cutesy wootsie is kicking
    DeVito: *facepalm* i’ll get the pulse rifle

  2. Don’t worry, nothing wrong with your bloated belly. All guys your age will go through it. It’s part of the natural process of aging!

  3. “We might not be able to get married,” the big man said, looking down at the beautifully curved head of his chosen life partner, “but they can’t stop us from making a baby.”

  4. You’d think this movie would be the lowest point in my career, but you’d be wrong! Read my book, you’ll see.

  5. ‘OMG! When u said you had a bun in the oven, I thought you meant a panini or something!’

  6. Ok, I’ll be your baby daddy, but I swear if something in there breaks through with top hat in hand and starts singing “Hello my baby, Hello my darling… ” , I am going to demand a paternity test….

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