Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey

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I have never played hockey myself, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a big part of my life growing up. You see, I had two brothers, one older and one younger, and both played pee wee hockey. As a child I used to have to get up at some ungodly hour on Saturdays, sleep-eat my bowl of Cheerios and head to the hockey arena with my dad and brothers. I’m sure I probably didn’t really know what was going on, except for the fact that I knew once we got to the rink I would get hot chocolate. I would sip my steaming hot chocolate and cheer on my brothers. Whenever my dad hooted or hollered, I did. Looking back now, I cherish this one on one time I got with my dad. Hockey isn’t just a sport, it’s an activity that is associated with memories, feelings and a sense of community and it really does bring people together in many ways.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey is full of fun, heartwarming and inspiring stories for hockey fans and families. Family-oriented stories from everyday hockey players and fans, as well as revealing personal stories from NHLers and hockey insiders, will captivate readers.

Do you have an inspirational, amusing, or encouraging hockey-related story to share? It could be a story about: your first pair of skates, the street where you played ball hockey, tickets to a memorable game, or any thing that makes you think of our favourite national sport. We want to read it!

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20 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey

  1. My son was in his second year of house league hockey, he was 8 and the goalie. He came home from school on the Friday with a fever. We did not tell him on Friday he was not going to play the game on Saturday. When we told on Saturday, he was so upset he cried, then he packed his hockey bag, got dressed and started to drag his bag up the driveway. He was so inconsolable that we had to promise him he could go. It was playoff time and he was the only goalie. So we brought him back in, gave him children’s Advil, made him have chicken soup and rest. His fever was down when it was time to leave. He went to play his game. They WON. As soon as he was off the ice, we didn’t even bother to get him fully changed. We just packed up what we could put him the van and brought him home. Gave him more children’s Advil and put him to bed. To this day, even though he shares goal tending responsibilities he still insists on making all his practices and games.

  2. My favourite hockey moment is the Paul Henderson goal in the 1972 Ca nada,Russia series. Yvonne Cournoyer, a relative assisted in that goal. Very memorable for my children.

  3. My memorable story is when I was a referee in a small community arena during playoff time. The home team was not well disciplined. This one fan took a dislike to me. Just before putting my hand up for a line change. A fan yells out “whoever is an a-hole put up your hand” perfect timing because I put up my hand. Turned around to see who it was and it was probably one of the players 80 year old grandmothers all I could do was laugh along 😉

  4. My favorite memory is when the ice is just right on the pond in our back yard. My husband and kids have shovelled snow off it for hours, and playing hockey late into the night. The flood lights light up the pond and the kids have a wonderful time playing on skates or in there boots. When they are finally too cold to play they come in for hot chocolate and telling stories of all the great shots and misses . I’m not sure which is best the smiles or the contagious laughter.

  5. My favorite hockey memory was playing games with the boys from my class in elementary school. We could barely skate but we had such a fun time at the skating rink.
    It was nice to have played the game with them before they grew so tall and gained about 50 pounds. LOL

  6. My favourite hockey memory is my Mom knitting me a Bruins sweater – so many balls of black, gold, and white wool on those knitting needles. My Dad mapped out the crest and “7” for Esposito’s number on graph paper for her to follow. I was only 12 years old and nothing out there would fit a skinny girl. Everything was black and gold in my room, on my bike, you name it. I still have the sweater – 40 years old now and a treasure. I wore it to my first Bruins/Habs game when I was 16. I am a die-hard fan to this day.

  7. In the 60’s my Dad and I heading out to watch a Leaf’s vs Canadiens hockey Game at Maple Leaf Gardens. It was my first live NHL game and my first time at the Gardens, and it was freaking awesome!

  8. Every time I see children playing hockey, I am reminded of the year my 7 year old daughter insisted on playing on a team, “Just like my brothers”. Undersized, playing with older girls, and still wobbly on skates, it was torture to watch her struggle to stay standing, let alone get near the puck action. We gave her the opportunity to end the season early, but she insisted on showing up for all the practices and games. At the end of the season, she proudly handed out her personalized “hockey cards” and told us this would be her last year on a hockey team. We learned from our daughter that year about not giving up on a challenge, and she has continued that mantra in her life so far. I’m glad we listened to our daughter and continued to support her brief hockey career, although we spent many hours freezing and cringing on the sidelines that year.

  9. I married the love of my life, a man who leads by example, loves with his heart and his greatest passion was hockey. He became a father and soon his greatest passion became his children. As soon as his children could skate he combined the two. I was never really followed hockey and only new the basics of the game. I have grown to love it and what the game has done for my family. I witnessed my husband become the greatest coach to his three boys and daughter. As any hockey parent can tell you, hockey can get “heated” by those in the stands, other coaches, and parents of the players. My husband has always kept his cool, never uses bad language, rolls with the criticisms, and ignores the hockey politics. He encourages all players equally, expects their best, and is the best role model for the sport. My children will be a product of this great hockey experience with their dad. That makes me smile and this is the greatest story I can tell.

  10. I really dislike the cold but somehow I was convinced that hockey would be the “best” sport for my son. The first early morning at the rink I wore three pairs of mittens and thermal socks, but seeing the expression on my son’s face when he made his first goal warmed my heart and my hands and feet. Over the first few months, I took off the many layers of clothing and eventually i relished the cold rink at all hours.

  11. My first Leafs game was a Hall of Fame game. I bumped into Paul Anderson…literally!.. and spilled my drink all over him!

  12. It was 1972, the Canada-Russia final game. After spending my early life overseas in very very strict Catholic schools, this was the first time I attended a Canadian school, and my first time ever seeing a hockey game. I remember the principal coming into our class and asking us all to gather in the large foyer. We all sat on the floor in front of the large tv, and I tried to understand this strange game on ice, watching cues from my classmates for when I was supposed to cheer. At the time I thought that this was the strangest Canadian custom, and they actually made you watch tv in school!!! I thought school was bliss!

  13. When my son went to Winnipeg for the opening game of the new team, he invited my husband. A great bonding time for both of them.

  14. I played hockey in highschool but then I thought it “wasn’t cool” so I stopped. I was almost 30 when I started again. In net. At law school. I called my husband 150 km away at 1 am when I got home asking him to never let me forget how awesome that feeling of stepping on the ice was. I’m almost 40 now and playing again after my son was born.

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