Mo’Nique’s big night

Skinny Women Are EvilIt was a historic night at the Oscars!

For the first time ever an Academy Award was given to a woman with an apostrophe in the middle of her name. Mo’Nique accepted the award for her work in Precious, and spoke movingly about her struggles with to overcome mid-name punctuation doubters everywhere. OK, only part of that is true.

Mo’Nique’s pre-Oscar showdown with Barbara Walters is also crackling on the news wires this morning. The ladies looked past a two-year feud (dating back to an episode of The View where sparks flew) and got down to important issues, like where Mo’Nique stands on marriage and leg shaving.

For more of Mo’Nique’s unusual take on the world, check out her 2004 biography Skinny Women Are Evil.