Picture Book Spotlight: Stars

You can draw a star on shiny paper and cut around it.
Then you can put it in your pocket.

Mary Lyn Ray celebrates all the different aspects of stars, from stars that sparkle in the night sky to the ones that shine within each and every one of us. And Marla Frazee brings the joy of stars to life with her signature breathtaking art.

Stars is one of those special books sure to be treasured by kids and adults alike.

Check out these beautiful spreads:

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Picture Book Feature: Poindexter Makes a Friend

Poindexter is a shy, friendly, and perfectly happy pig. There’s just one thing. How is a shy, nice, well balanced pig going to make friends? This heart-warming story is for kids 4-8 and an especially good fit for a shy little person who needs some encouragement to come out of their shell. See the beautiful spreads below.

Eco-awareness book for kids


Award-winning children’s television writer and Vancouverite Ian James Corlett readily admits that he’s never been a tree hugger, a vegetarian, or even much of a gardener.  In fact, he’s not a huge fan of the outdoors at all.  He likes big cities, fast sports cars, and until recently, nearly any form of disposable thing.

But like so many millions of others, he’s started to become very aware of our environment and what we can do for it.  One of his main inspirations is his colleague Matt Hill and his girlfriend Steph, who ran around the perimeter of North America and raised a million bucks for the planet.  After a full year on the road, they returned triumphant.  But it was more than reaching their million-dollar goal; they were triumphant in another way.  During their 11,000 mile journey they reached out to kids and taught them about the environment.  They brought their message to tens of thousands of children in hundreds of elementary schools, and it was as simple as three words: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Matt and Steph’s passion for teaching kids things they can do to make the world a greener place—things like recycling, turning off lights, even how and what they eat—inspired Corlett.  It inspired him to not only convert his classic 1962 blue-smoke-belching Vespa scooter into a fully electric version, but to also write E is for Environment, starring Elliott and Lucy, the dynamic brother and sister duo from his first book, E is for Ethics

While there are many children’s books on the market that emphasize the importance of eco-awareness, there are few parenting books available that help shape a family discussion on what it means to be environmentally friendly.  That’s where E is for Environment comes in. 

The book offers short, quick stories followed by kid-friendly discussion questions that are perfect for busy parents.  Corlett, who has spent many years in children’s programming, knows what will appeal to kids – and children who read, listen to, and discuss these tales regularly will regard Elliott and Lucy as not only friends, but role models as well. 

Geared toward children ten and younger, and designed to be read out loud and discussed as a family, E is for Environment covers a wide range of eco-friendly messages, including using filtered water instead of buying bottled water, the importance of buying “fair trade” products, how to conserve water while brushing your teeth and watering the lawn, the joys of starting a garden, the benefits of carpooling, and so much more.  Each story is also accompanied by a delightful illustration, discussion questions, and tips for conserving energy & natural resources.

Written in Ian’s trademark warm and engaging voice and complimented by R.A. Holt’s amusing and whimsical drawings, children and adults alike will be charmed by E is for Environment, a one-of-a-kind book that is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. 

Visit the author’s website at www.ianjamescorlett.com

Three Little Mermaids

We’ve got more interactive fun for kids this winter with a new novelty book in the spirit of CAT, DOG, and HEADS.

Have a tea party undersea and practice counting with Three Little Mermaids, this sparkling touch and feel and pull tab novelty book by bestselling creator Mara Van Fleet!

More about the book here.






My Princess Boy

A last-minute addition before Christmas to our children’s list is My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis. Originally self-published by the author, it has turned into a media sensation after a feature in People magazine. The story is about Dyson, who loves the color pink and sparkly things. Sometimes he wears dresses, and sometimes he wears jeans. He likes to wear his princess tiara, even when climbing trees. He’s a Princess Boy, and his family loves him exactly the way he is.

A true story of love and acceptance this is a perfect tool for teaching about tolerance and standing up against bullying. Inspired by the author’s son, and by her own initial struggles to understand, this is a heart-warming book about unconditional love and one remarkable family.

Here are some interior spreads from this lovely book.

My Princess Boy is available in stores December 21st.