Arnold Schwarzenegger

What does this name make you think of? Muscles? Politics? Phone calls from friends in Arnie’s prerecorded voice?

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes me think of my dad. The name and the man evoke memories of late nights spent in our old, falling-down house – Arnold’s voice booming through the living room and into the kitchen- drawing us together, cringing and laughing: Arnold is escapism. He is power and fantasy and action enough to keep your eyes glued to the TV far beyond exhaustion. He is The Predator. He is True Lies. He is The Terminator.

Some will think of him as a pregnant man in Junior, a brother in Twins, a bodybuilder shaking our understanding of strength and forming new ideas about The American Dream. Regardless, this iconic man has touched many lives. Now, with the October 1, 2012 release of his autobiography, we have the opportunity to learn about him – the man behind the image – in his own words.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger needs your help!

Total Recall

Arnold Schwarzenegger invites you, his fans, to join him on Facebook, Twitter,and Pinterest and help him pick out a back cover for his upcoming memoir, Total Recall: My Unbeliveably True Life Story! As you know, Arnold has had three drastically different careers in his life. It’s hard to choose just one back cover image to represent him so he is planning to feature three images on his back cover to represent his career in bodybuilding, his acting career, and his time as the Governor of California. If he picks your picture, he will thank you in his book. How cool is that?

He wants the perfect image for the bodybuilding fans, the greatest movie shot from his movies, and an exciting photo from his time in office. Read a personal note from Arnold.

Which image will you choose?