Win Jodi Picoult’s ENTIRE Collection!

Like most people, I was drawn to Jodi Picoult after seeing the trailer for My Sister’s Keeper.  When a certain buzz ascends around a book, I get this twitching feeling, guiding me towards the bookstore.  I always need to judge things for myself and of course, abide by rule number one: always read the book before seeing the movie.

Oddly enough, I never saw the movie.  But I did read plenty of Jodi’s books after that.  I also got my mom hooked, which means we collectively own the majority of her novels.  My favourite will always be Change of Heart, the story of a man on death row who begins performing a certain known set of miracles within his jail cell.  I specifically remember reading it on the dock at my uncles cottage, watching days slip past without me noticing.  Jodi is one addictive writer.  Her research is impeccable and her characters will seem more real than some of your friends.  She holds a personal space in my book-loving heart.

Now – after all that rambling – here’s what’s in it for you!  Jodi’s most recent book, Sing You Home is coming out in paperback and although this book is great, so are all her others.  So we thought it might be more fun, instead of offering a sweepstakes for the new book, we will offer a sweepstakes for all of the books!  Click on the image below and enter to win the complete collection of Jodi’s books!  This is one heck of a sweepstakes if you’re a Jodi fan, and even if you’re not, every woman on your Christmas list this year will love you.

Good luck!