Get Inspired with Earth Day Reads

In honour of Earth Day approaching, we’re bringing you reads, both for kids and adults, that celebrate nature and inspire to make the world a cleaner, brighter, better place.


The Ripple Effect: The Fate of Freshwater in the Twenty-First Century

Beginning with a discussion with his aunt Julia Child (yes, that Julia Child), author Alex Prud’homme begins to think about how France’s reliance on bottled water has spread to America. Bringing to life a narrative with a variety of vivid characters, Prud’homme explores the future of water, threats to its quality, water as a right versus commodity and more.

The Great Penguin Rescue: 40,000 Penguins, a Devastating Oil Spill, and the Inspiring Story of the World’s Largest Animal Rescue

How can you not love penguins? Better yet, how can you not love a story about rescuing penguins? In 2000, there was an oil spill off the coast of South Africa, devastating the habitat of 75,000 penguins. With 41% of the world’s African penguins at risk, conservation officials and volunteers jumped to the task of saving them. Dyan deNapoli tells the heartwarming story of the heroes behind the world’s largest wildlife rescue.

The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water

Charles Fishman brings another perspective to the water issue, tracing its importance to dinosaurs, Saturn, and dolphins in the desert. He challenges the idea that we might one day run out of water, instead, examining our relationship with water and finding ways we might use it more effectively.


Don’t Throw That Away!

Don’t Throw That Away! makes recycling and reusing fun, showing children that everyday household items that appear as trash can actually be used for something else. The book features large flaps that kids can lift to discover which throw-away items are actually treasures.

Dora Celebrates Earth Day!

In this book, Dora the Explorer teaches preschoolers things they can do at home every day to help save the environment, from turning off lights, to reusing jars, to recycling. It’s also printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper with soy ink.

Hey, That’s Not Trash!

Hey, That’s Not Trash! is a fun and interactive read for younger kids. Accompanied by rhyming text, each page features press-outs of everyday items that children will enjoy sorting into the right bins: paper, plastic or metal.

SpongeBob Goes Green!

In this book, SpongeBob comes face to face with global warming. After producing too much carbon monoxide and forcing everyone to flee Bikini Bottom because of the hot temperature, SpongeBob must figure out what he can to do to restore it and bring everyone back home. It’s also printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper with soy ink.

Cottage reading at its best

Everyone knows the type of book I’m about to describe. The kind that propels you forward, the kind that you skip lunch to continue reading, the kind that once you’ve finished it in the wee hours of the morning you’re a little wary to turn out all the lights.

If you haven’t already heard of award-winning author William Kent Krueger and his Cork O’Connor novels then read on. 

William Kent Krueger

Krueger’s critically acclaimed mystery series featuring private detective Cork O’Connor is nail-biting suspense at its best. Set in the a natural landscape, Krueger has a gift for transporting the reader directly into the wilderness he describes. The suspense he creates builds slowly and propels you forward, while the emotional qualities of the characters lend credibility to the story. In fact many of the locations he describes sound so much like cottage country you’d think he was talking about Muskoka!

I just finished reading an advance copy of Krueger’s upcoming novel  Northwest Angle. The Northwest Angle is a geographic anomaly. A small triangle of American territory completely isolated from the rest of Minnesota, cut off from the United States by sixty miles of Canadian wilderness and the vast, mysterious waters of Lake of the Woods. This remote area is the location Cork O’Connor has chosen for a houseboat vacation with his family. When a violent gale sweeps unexpectedly across the lake, stranding him and his daughter Jenny on a devastated island, Cork discovers that the wind has ushered in a force far darker and more deadly than any storm.


We gave some of our loyal readers the chance to review Northwest Angle and here’s what they had to say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Northwest Angle by William Kent Krueger.  I found the book to be easy to read and hard to put down.  Each time I picked up the book I didn’t want to put it down because I wanted to see what would happen next.” –Paula, Winnipeg, MB

“I had not read any of this author’s works before and I must say that I am very happy to have been introduced to his work.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy this novel, I was impressed with his inclusion of language and Native American culture.  Being Native American myself, I felt that I learned a lot from Mr. Krueger. I have read novels in the past of Native American fiction, but as a reader, I was able to insert myself into the feeling of the storyline and looked forward each evening to relaxing with Northwest Angle.  Mr. Krueger is excellent at keeping the reader’s full attention!”
–Sandra, Beaconsfield, QC

“I just finished reading the advance reader’s copy of Northwest Angle by William Kent Krueger. It is the first of his novels that I have read and it definitely will not be the last. This book was filled with suspense from the beginning and did not let up until the end. It had everything that I like in a book – suspense, drama, mystery, love. It was a great read and hard for me to put it down.” –Audrey, Halifax, N.S.

So pick up a copy, stretch out on a dock chair and dive in….just don’t forget to lock the cottage door at night!

William Kent Krueger discusses the inspiration behind Northwest Angle

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Northwest Angle is available in stores August 30th.

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