Golf…well…like a pro!

You have probably already heard of Tom Watson.  A member of the PGA World Hall of Fame, he was named PGA Player of the Year six times and currently ranks sixth on the list of major championship victories. In 2009 he led the British Open with one hole to play and came within an unlucky bounce of winning it for the sixth time.

In his book, The Timeless Swing, Watson draws on all the knowledge and expertise he has accumulated over the course of his extraordinary career, imparting lessons that will help golfers of any age play to the best of their abilities and enjoy the game more. From fundamentals like learning the proper grip to advanced shotmaking techniques such as swinging in wind, he breaks down the full swing into all its parts and explains with his trademark easy voice the most effective ways for mastering each.

Take at look at some sample pages (click to zoom):

A perfect gift for golfers of any age and ability or for Father’s Day! The Timeless Swing is in stores March 29th.